Are You On It?
Sure, we're an "organization without an organization," but a membership roster can be mighty handy.  It helps nudge our net controllers' memories so they can know who you are when you check in.

The original 7.272 Ragchew roster, rediscovered in a barn near Fitchburg, Massachusetts
in March 2011. Today we guard against such tragic degradation of data by using e-mail,
spreadsheets, and other modern computer technology.

Net controllers on the 7.272 Ragchew aren't required or expected to turn in logs of their check-ins.  What fun would that be?  Instead, when we know we've just found a new "Member for Life," and when we actually remember to get around to doing it, someone will send word along to our tireless 7.272 Roster Team.

If you check in often enough, this mysterious osmotic process will eventually get your name and callsign onto the roster.  Or you can speed up the process -- just add yourself by using our Hollerin' Form (there's a link for it at the bottom of every page on this website).  Be sure also to tell us if we have bad info for you so we can fix it.

On August 27, 2014, we moved from doing monthly updates of a downloadable roster to maintaining a continuously updated online roster.  Once our Roster Team gets wind of a new addition or a correction, it shouldn't take more than 48 hours for it to be incorporated into the online roster -- subject, of course, to the various other things going on in the lives of the volunteers who tend to this task.  If you've submitted a change and you don't see it after a week, you might want to prod us again.

Are you already on the roster?
It's easy to find out. Look at it right now.



All e-mails with "Add me to the roster" in the subject line are automatically  
routed to the 7.272 Roster Intake Center in Forked River, New Jersey for    
analysis and, if appropriate, action. ABOVE: Two volunteer roster  technicians
 attempt to determine whether
the person has actually checked in to the net     
or  is just messing with them.

Need to give us a holler? Use our Hollerin' Form.