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NCS Position Available: Mondays 11:00 - 12:00
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Fri May 19 2017, 07:17PM
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Run a weekly net and make big bucks!  It's easy!  First, make big bucks.  Then, become the net controller for our 11:00 - 12:00 (Eastern time) Monday slot.

This might be just the job for you if you:

a.  Have a radio, antenna, General Class license or higher, an e-mail address, and a pleasant disposition;

b.  Can commit to showing up as scheduled every week, at least most of the time; and

c.  On those rare occasions when you can't make it, will let the other net controllers know you can't make it, so that a fill-in can be arranged.

That's about it!  You don't need to keep a log or swear a blood oath or buy a uniform or shine your shoes.

If interested, contact the Net Scheduler, W8LWX-John.  Use his e-mail address on QRZ.com or use the "Hollerin' Form" (there's a link to it at the bottom of every page of this website).

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