NET CONTROLLERS NEEDED.  We’re always in need of reliable net controllers who can act as “Master of Ceremonies” for an hour or two every week or pick up the net when the scheduled NCS isn’t able to make it. To become part of our regular NCS line-up or our roster of back-ups, contact the Net Scheduler (Walt, KB3LGO). Just go to “About Us” on our website,, and click on “Give Us a Holler!” 

  Do you have something of interest for The Chew, our monthly newsletter that is posted on the website? Please submit it to Loby, WA2AXZ. To get in touch with him, go to “About Us” on our website and click on “Give Us a Holler!” Copies of The Chew are also available by postal mail. If you want the latest issue via “snail mail,” send your request with the required SASE to Loby, WA2AXZ (Robert W. Lobenstein), 1539 Golden Drive Hubertus, Wisconsin 53033-9790.

Our website address is Visit the Newsletter page to get the latest issue of The Chew, or go to Roster for the latest version of the 7.272 roster. You can even add yourself to the roster — just go to

  We use an e-mail list to let people know when a new newsletter has been posted and when there’s a K1R Special Event coming up.  We almost never send more than one e-mail per month.  To get on the list, change your information, or unsubscribe, please go to the following address:
SPECIAL EVENTS.  If you have any questions about any of our K1R special events, please contact Loby, WA2AXZ, our Special Events Coordinator. It’s easy to reach him through our Hollerin’ Form on the website. There’s a link for it at the bottom of every page. Or just go to “About Us” in the menu bar and click on “Give Us a Holler!

OTHER QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS?  If you have any questions about our net operations, please contact Loby, WA2AXZ, our Net Manager. You can reach Loby the same way as others in our “organization without an organization”: go to “About Us” on the website and select “Give Us a Holler!

Have a great day and enjoy the 7.272 Ragchew Net!