Roster – Sign up for the 72 Chew

Use this page to add yourself to our roster of Members for Life.

Before using this page, you might want to check the roster to see if you’re already on it.

For the “Name used on air,” tell us the name you want to be called. A person named Richard might go by Dick, Rick, Rich, Ritchie, JR or Woody for all we’d know. Some people go by middle names or nicknames. That’s why we ask, for everyone.

For “Full name,” type your first and last names in the box. Middle initial is optional. Don’t use any kind of punctuation.

Proofread your info before hitting that “Add to Roster” button!

Email: Once the system has accepted your roster data, it will give you a link you can use to sign up for our e-mail list. If you want to be on the mailing list, use that link; if not, don’t.

The link will take you to our Mailer page. Once you’re there, you’ll need to click on a “Subscribe” link and then enter your e-mail address, name, and callsign.

Our e-mail list is mainly to let members know when a new newsletter is posted and when a new K1R Special Event is coming up. We almost never send more than one e-mail per month. We do not knowingly share our e-mail list with anyone.