Meet Chad, KB1HPV, our newest NCS

Chad-KB1HPV our newest Net Control Station has, for years, been an avid woodworker at his old Massachusetts QTH. He has been featured in several Chew Newsletters, highlighting his creations.  Chad’s quality woodwork, in the form of a blanket chest, was on display as a special door prize given away at an earlier Kring Point gathering. 

Having all the right tools is essential, and at times, using discarded scrap wood, made some quite beautiful pieces.

Chad moved to Virginia, in a beautiful area near the majestic Blue Ridge Parkway. He got busy setting up shop where he could, once again, turn out his products.  Everything from cabinets to coffins?

Check in with Chad-KB1HPV Thursday Mornings on the 7.272 Ragchew net, at 9am ET to get an amusing update on what he is working on next.