K1R, 19th Anniversary, May 1-7

May 1 through 7, 2023 the Chew will be on the air to celebrate a fantastic anniversary. With 19 years under our belts, it took many great hams to come together as founders, net control operators, schedulers and managers to bring a great net to fruition. A hearty handshake and thanks to all who have served the net so well. For an entire week, you will be hearing our K1R special event call from 9am through noon EDT. Once you check in you are not only are you a member for life, but also eligible to ask for our highly collectible K1R QSL card. Each year we change the card, using our mascot “Taz”, to reflect the type of anniversary it is. This is our bronze anniversary so here isa bronze statue of Taz to thank all who participated. Send a stamped, selfaddressed envelope to Loby-WA2AXZ and a personalized card will be sent to you. Please include your call sign on all correspondence. If you would like a few of our previous cards, let me know.

Robert Lobenstein-WA2AXZ
1539 Golden Drive Hubertus, Wisconsin