Passing of Mary Hobart K1MMH

   Many of us old timers in the chew remember Mary Hobart being the keynote speaker at a few of our early Rag Chew Dayton gatherings, at the Amber Rose restaurant. 
Right after our founding, and a few years into the early 2000’s, the crowd, almost 100 strong, from our group, Tom-KC8QGJ’s 1721 net and other friends would fill up the banquet hall to enjoy a great meal and enjoy the fantastic speakers that were lined up for the event.   
  Mary kicked off many a session for us regaling us with tales of amateur radio and her efforts in ARRL to bolster finances and start special clubs within the organization. Those of us who remember Mary know how energetic she was, and her smile, from ear to ear, showed all who attended, she was true to her mission.
She and I were on a first name basis as we arranged the schedule and annual Dayton dinners.

73 to my dear friend, you will be missed!Loby-WA2AXZ

Walt, KB3LGO is new Net Scheduler

As of January 19, 2022, I have accepted the position of net scheduler for the 72 Rag Chew, following the retirement of Ken, W3XAF. I want to thank all of you  for being a big part of the Chew. Your time and efforts are sincerely appreciated by many, throughout North America and possibly even further.

There are some suggestions I have at this time. The first comes from our good friend, Loby, WA2AXZ. If you hear that there is not a net controller on the air, feel free to pick up the Chew and run with it yourself. Also, encourage non NCS operators to pick up the Chew if there Is not a net controller present. This can help us develop more NCS ops.

My second suggestion is, If you want, pick up the Chew at 12pm ET.  It doesn’t have to stop at noon. Several years ago, the 72 Chew schedule ran to a 12pm and, I think, even a 1pm shift. This would also be another way to get more ops interested in becoming NCS ops.

The third suggestion is simply an integral part of ham radio. If you are operating as NCS, ask for relays. If you are listening along and hear a station that isn’t able to reach the NCS, provide a relay. Relaying is an inherent part of ham radio and is a lot of fun as well. It really feels good to help a station make contact when they are not able to get through by themselves.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc., please let me know.

Thank you and best wishes to all of you,

Walt, KB3LGO

Meet Chad, KB1HPV, our newest NCS

Chad-KB1HPV our newest Net Control Station has, for years, been an avid woodworker at his old Massachusetts QTH. He has been featured in several Chew Newsletters, highlighting his creations.  Chad’s quality woodwork, in the form of a blanket chest, was on display as a special door prize given away at an earlier Kring Point gathering. 

Having all the right tools is essential, and at times, using discarded scrap wood, made some quite beautiful pieces.

Chad moved to Virginia, in a beautiful area near the majestic Blue Ridge Parkway. He got busy setting up shop where he could, once again, turn out his products.  Everything from cabinets to coffins?

Check in with Chad-KB1HPV Thursday Mornings on the 7.272 Ragchew net, at 9am ET to get an amusing update on what he is working on next.

K1R Special Event!

May 1st 2021 thru May 7th 2021

Celebrating the 17th Anniversary of the 72 Chew. A ragchew net that meets everyday on 7.272  from 9am until Noon, with a different net control operator every hour.

For QSL information download the April newsletter: 72 Chew April Newsletter

OR contact Loby: WA2AXZ QRZ Page

To get a card, send a SASE to Loby, using QRZ to get his address.

Extended K1R Celebration!

It has been an interesting spring, tosay the least, for everyone across the globe. Social distancing, everyone being sequestered in their homes, and the run on toilet paper- (sorry for the pun) have made us irritable and grouchy. The only ray of sunshine has been ensuring the health and well-being of family and friends, and speaking freely to everyone from behind our Covid-19-free microphones. Noting that the continuance of quarantine may continue into the first weeks of May, I have decided to extend our anniversary special from April 27- through May 3, 2020. We will use the special event “K1R” call on May 2 and 3, 2020 and extend a friendly hand to all check-ins during the week to be part of our 16th anniversary.

Anyone checking in with any of our stalwart Net Control Stations during the week will be able to obtain our special, 16th anniversary QSL card. All it takes is a self addressed stamped envelope, sent to Loby-WA2AXZ.

Sad news, passing of Mark-KC8SGO’s XYL

Loby-WA2AXZ spoke with long-time NCS Mark-KC8SGO June 18, and Mark said his XYL, Paula, passed away Wednesday June 12. All details for the funeral and where to send condolences is on his KC8SGO page, in Paula was in ill health and in a nursing home for quite a while, and now is at peace.

New Website up and running!

John W8LWX and Joel KM4NOU have been working to make the transition to the new website. Here’s an update from John:

As I hope you know by now, I gave notice back in March 2018 that I would step back from my dual roles as scheduler and webmaster for the 7.272 Ragchew Net effective September 30, 2018. To aid in the transition, though, I’ve been keeping the old site alive and making the necessary adjustments on the website calendar to reflect day-to-day substitutions, as well as maintaining the newsletter mailing list, up to now.

Today is the day we’ll finally throw the big switch to decommission the old website and redirect all traffic to the new one, which will be run by our new webslave — er, sorry, I mean webmaster — KM4NOU, Joel. Within the next 24-48 hours, your browser should end up on the new site if you direct it to Please note the following important details about this change:

  • If your bookmark (aka “Favorites”) was set to a deeper internal address than (for example,, it might not get where it needs to go. For best results, edit your bookmark to just point to
  • Once the switch is thrown, the NCS mailing address ( will not work anymore, until and unless a similar address is re-established under the new site. Our new scheduler, W3XAF-Ken, has been using his own address for disseminating info about schedule changes ( Whether something similar to will ever be re-established is not in my bailiwick — it’s entirely up to Ken and Joel.
  • The newsletter mailing list, the process for adding oneself to it, the Hollerin’ Form, and/or the process for adding oneself to the online roster, might be a bit dodgy for the next few weeks. Or maybe not. We’ll see. Just be patient while Joel gets everything settled into place.
  • The e-mail address by which you’ve known me for the past 5 or 6 years ( won’t work anymore either, as it was set up under the old site and there’s no reason to re-establish it under the new one now that I’m no longer scheduler or webmaster. If you want to reach me by e-mail, please just look me up on and use the address for me posted there.

It is not possible for me to respond individually to each message I’ve received thanking me for the 6+ years I’ve dedicated to the Chew as its scheduler and the 5+ years as webmaster. Suffice it to say that the number of such messages reflects the depth of understanding of the many hours of effort involved in creating and maintaining the website, keeping NCS slots staffed, and keeping up with schedule changes throughout those years, all begun as a labor of love and in the spirit with which Cincinnatus left his plow when called upon by his countrymen.

The plow is a bit rusty but it will be nice to get back to it. Special thanks to Ken and Joel for making this happen! Meanwhile, I’ll hope to continue to hear from y’all on Sundays, 10-11, on 7.272 MHz!